Kelvin LiFormer Chief Investment Officer

Kelvin Li is in his 3rd year at Queen’s Commerce. He was born in Toronto, Ontario and graduated from Crescent School. Kelvin has always been a problem solver and loves to seek a challenge. Kelvin has had a long history of managing portfolios, he began trading securities within a mock portfolio at the age of 16. When Kelvin entered Queen’s University he began managing a personal account to get a feel for investing with stake involved. Currently Kelvin is the former Chief Investment Officer of Queen’s Capital, and now serves on the student advisory board.

In the future, Kelvin plans to enjoy a career on the buy-side of finance, specifically Private Equity. He is interested in spending a couple years in the Investment Banking arm of finance to solidify and enhance his skills in the financial markets before entering the buy-side. This past summer Kelvin worked as a Private Equity Analyst during the summer at Dundee Acquisition. He spent a lot of time understanding how special purpose acquisition companies work and spent time providing detailed analysis on companies that offered high free cash flow yields within multiple industries. Kelvin is excited to bring his experience to Queen’s Capital.