James WeissCo-Chief Executive Officer

James brings a unique perspective to the Queen’s Capital team with his engineering background. As the co-chief executive officer for the club, James bridges his ability for quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. James has developed a sense of financial markets by investing since he was fifteen. In order to manage his own portfolio he closely followed events occurring in the markets. In this capacity he learned to assess outcomes of global trends and events. James is a fan of renowned stock investor Warren Buffett, and attended the 2014 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

James has gained exposure to technology by working in a technology startup during the summer of 2015. In doing so he learned elements of corporate development, and improving user interaction with technology. He added to his technology exposure by helping organize a big data conference run in Toronto. In order to augment his financial sense James completed the Canadian Securities Course. James would like to build a career blending his understanding of programming and his passion for financial markets.