David HaoAnalyst - TMT

David Hao is currently completing his first year in the Commerce program at Queen’s University. He is an Analyst for the TMT sector of Queen’s Capital. David first gained an interest in business and the capital markets through his childhood experiences with various online video games, in which he amassed immense virtual wealth through trade.

David is also involved in a number of other activities. He is a business analyst for Chainstrat Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (blockchain) strategic advisory. David is also a Junior Analyst for the Queen’s Technology and Media Association. In high school, David was the Editor-in-Chief of The Reckoner, an independent student newspaper that was named “Best Ontario Student Newspaper” by the Toronto Star under his leadership. He maintains his enthusiasm for journalism as a current Business Basics columnist for the Queen’s Journal.

David hails from Toronto, Ontario and attended the TOPS Program at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, an accelerated math and science program. He wishes to utilize his academic background in STEM to bring a unique perspective to his business endeavors. In his free time, David enjoys training in Muay Thai and playing recreational poker.