Brennan KolotinskyAnalyst - Macro Research

Brennan is a second year Queen’s Commerce student. He became interested in business when his grandfather passed away causing him to run a fundraiser for The Heart and Stroke Foundation. His interest in finance stemmed from his strong quantitative abilities and passion for the financial markets. This led him to join Queen’s Capital as an analyst: researching macroeconomic trends.

Brennan’s grandest highlight of Queen’s was during Frosh Week, when he met and danced with all of the bosses (upper years). His other two fondest memories have come from attending socially focused events. He enjoyed meeting new people and presenting a succinct solution for an open-ended case to Social Focus Consulting. Him and his team placed first in the competition and their ideas were implemented by the NFP. Also, he left a lasting impact on the ~100 students attending Queen’s Conference on Philanthropy, when he shared a story that inspired him in front of all the delegates.

Outside of commerce Brennan enjoys swimming, jogging, and Quidditch (Harry Potter sport). He also enjoys music and plays guitar and clarinet.