Anish SharmaPortfolio Manager - TMT

Anish is in his third year of the Queen’s Applied Science program and holds a Portfolio Manager position on Queen’s Capital. Anish has been able to cultivate an extremely diverse professional experience and education. He has worked in the telemarketing, retail and IT industries. Working in these environments has allowed him to develop a diverse skill set. His technology and engineering background helps him present a unique perspective and provide critical input while analyzing various investment opportunities. Anish has always been excited about business and technology.

As a result of his education at Queen’s he has been able to develop a deeper understanding of various underlying elements that allow consumer electronics to function. He was a finalist at The Next 36: 2014 Wearable Tech Hackathon hosted by Google in Toronto. Through his involvement in Queen’s Capital he hopes to develop his knowledge of finance and pursue a career in the investment industry upon graduating.

Anish is currently completing the Canadian Securities Course (CSC). Outside of his academic and extracurricular endeavors, Anish enjoys listening to music, cycling and exploring various city centers.