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3 Funds


Queen’s Capital’s mission is to increase the value of our portfolio of securities by outperforming various indices on a risk-adjusted basis; to help students develop practical financial skills and test them in the market, and to create superior access to career opportunities in global capital markets.


Queen’s Capital achieves these goals through educational presentations, reports on industry news, and by managing a portfolio of equities. Queen’s Capital currently manages a $100,000 CAD diversified portfolio of North American equities focusing on several investment strategies including fundamental, thematic and value investing.


Master Fund

The Master Fund is an event-driven portfolio class that serves as Queen’s Capital’s short-term opportunity fund. It capitalizes on pricing inefficiencies by identifying shifts in underlying market trends, macroeconomic news, executive decisions, and corporate events. Securities in the fund are highly liquid and concentrated, with frequent turnover as capital is periodically reallocated to take advantage of new investment opportunities. Fundamental long/short positions and options are employed using an event-driven approach.

Value Fund

The Value Fund operates as Queen’s Capital’s primary investing platform. It is focused on medium to long term capital growth by investing in North American equities that show potential based on analysis of company fundamentals, macro influences and inefficient valuations. Queen’s Capital will seek businesses that possess strong management teams with lucrative operational characteristics that carry the ability to benefit from industry trends.


The Thematic Fund holds securities that possess our longest investment horizons. It focuses on powerful macroeconomic trends, business cycles, and structural changes that deliver consistent returns over an extended timeframe. A top-down approach will be complemented by an in-depth analysis of a company’s strategic direction to identify those that are well positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities.